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amsterdam collection

When you think of Amsterdam, a lot can enter you mind whether it be the numerous places you can have a good time, the sea of bicycles or the exciting total football played by Ajax Amsterdam. Walking in the beautiful streets of Amsterdam and seeing 3 crosses (xxx) all over the city gave me a strange inspirational feeling at the time and compelled me to look online and find out what it meant. I discovered that the crosses I had seen around the city symbolised the Amsterdam flag. I looked deeper in search of the actual meaning of the crosses and stumbled upon the numerous theories behind it. If you look online for yourself, there isn’t a clear cut answer, only likely options leaving the answer up to your own interpretation. Interpretation sparks imagination and is what don't trip cf is all about so it's fitting that the first collection pays homage to this hugely aesthetic flag and vibrant city.

Welcome to the Amsterdam Collection!


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